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Xavier Becerra ~ Attorney General

Registering for: Advanced Cryptocurrency Concepts: Transaction Tracking and Cryptocurrency Seizures


This 16-hour (2 FULL Days) course is designed to provide law enforcement personnel with a course of instruction, expanding on the basic course presented in D225. Through this detail and advanced course of instruction the student will learn the origins of Bitcoin, the basics of addresses, transactions, hardware wallet functionality and how to effectively follow and seize the money. The student will also learn about the different alternative currencies designed to offer more anonymity, often referred to as “Privacy Coins”; Understanding of the Lightning Network; and implementation of obfuscation concepts like Minblewimble and what it means for investigations. This is the only course to offer: Hands-on lab exercises in a LIVE Bitcoin Learning lab environment, giving the student the opportunity to transact with Bitcoin.


Students will have an advanced knowledge of crypto-currencies (Bitcoin) and how they function. The will understand how transaction work and how to follow the money leading to an effective seizure of crypto-currencies.


Students should be law enforcement personnel assigned to high technology crime investigation units, white collar crime units, fraud or forgery units, identity theft units as well as individuals whose primary responsibility is to seize computer evidence/equipment discovered at crime scenes. Students must have a working knowledge of computer operating systems and Internet networking protocol. Students should have completed Computer / Investigations of Internet Crimes (D200) and Policing the DarkWeb and Crypto-Currencies (D225) before attending is course.

Course Outline:

  1. The basics of Crypto-currencies (Bitcoin)
  2. Anatomy of an Address
  3. Anatomy of a Transaction
  4. Basics of Hardware Wallets
  5. Blockchain analysis and how to follow the "digital" money
  6. How to properly seize crypto-currencies.
  7. Hands-on exercises with the latest crypto-currency hardware wallets.
  8. Effective terminology for Cryptocurrency related search warrants.

Cost: This is a tuition free course for Law Enforcement.

Instructor Martin Balcazar
Prerequisite D225

You can select a class from the list below for the date and location which is most convenient for you.

Start Date End Date   Status Location
05/10/21 12:00 AM 05/11/21 12:00 AM   Upcoming DOJ - Advanced Training Center -- Map