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Rob Bonta ~ Attorney General

Registering for: Computer Crime/Pre-Search


Class #: 9260-23425

Class Description:

This 16-hour course is designed to provide investigators, patrol officers, with the basic skills, knowledge and best practices necessary to conduct pre-search examinations of digital media including personal computers and external storage devices. This class will also introduce first responders to a variety of tools to properly triage computers with hands-on practical’s allowing students to search for potential evidence, recognize encrypted user information and capture volatile data. However, this class is not designed to take the place of a full and proper forensic examination.

Who Should Attend:

Law enforcement personnel who have an interest in cyber crimes, white collar crime units, fraud, or forgery units, sex and vice crimes units, and patrol. Students should have the ability to effectively operate a computer in the Windows environment.

Class Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, students will have a good understanding of the following; 1. Tools and techniques available to pre-search computers and other digital media. 2. Understanding of Windows operating system architecture. 3. Laws governing the pre-searching of computers. 4. Preservation of digital evidence 5. Capturing of volatile data

Class Outline:

Legal issues

Computer components

Identifying operating system

Windows operating system architecture

Storage media

Introduction to triage tools

Capturing volatile data

User Artifacts

Detecting encryption



This is a tuition free course for Law Enforcement.
Additional Course Information

For further information contact Martin Balcazar-Program Manager at (916) 695-1813 or

Instructor A Certified Instructor.

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