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Rob Bonta ~ Attorney General

Registering for: Basic Cryptocurrency Concepts - NEW COURSE


Class #: 9260-00000

Class Description:

This 32-hour course is designed to provide law enforcement personnel with a basic understanding of overlay networks (TOR, I2P, Freenet) and crypto-currency (Bitcoin), commonly associated with the dark web. Circumstances will arise where a law enforcement investigation leads an investigator to an area of the internet not often traversed by everyday internet users. This area of the internet is only accessible by special software and/or browser settings that preclude the unskilled investigator from conducting a thorough investigation. The course includes: Hands-on instruction of the Dark Web and how to access and investigate nefarious site and ONLY course to offer a LIVE Bitcoin Learning lab environment allowing the student to transact with Bitcoin. Students will also learn: definition of the Dark Web and defining the difference between Dark Web and Deep Web; Search engines and how they index content; Overlay networks such as TOR, I2P and Freenet and how they work; Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and how they function; Resources to further assist investigations.


Students must have a working knowledge of computer operating systems and Internet networking protocol.

Who Should Attend:

Students should be law enforcement personnel assigned to high technology crime investigation units, white collar crime units, fraud or forgery units, identity theft units as well as individuals whose primary responsibility is to seize computer evidence/equipment discovered at crime scenes.

Class Objectives:

Students will have a basic knowledge of internet overlay networks, specifically the dark web and functions Crypto-currencies. They will leave with a better understanding of how a crime occurs in the dark web, how criminals anonymize themselves, and what investigative tools can be used to combat cybercrime.

Class Outline:

The basics of web search indexing

Anatomy of a Cybercrime Organization

Dark Web vs. Deep Web vs. Clearnet

Basics of Encryption and Cryptography

Define Overlay Networks - TOR, I2P, Freenet

Onion Routing

How to create a TOR Hidden Service

How to de-anomymize a Hidden Service

Dark Web Markets - Case study

What are Crypto-currencies (Bitcoin)

Blockchain analysis and how to follow the "digital" money

Anatomy of a bitcoin transaction

Transact in a live Bitcoin Learning Lab

Future Overlay Networks

How to properly seize Crypto-currencies

Hands-on exercises with the latest Crypto-currency hardware wallets

Effective terminology for Crypto-currency related search warrants.


This is a tuition free course for Law Enforcement.

Instructor Martin Balcazar

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