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Rob Bonta ~ Attorney General

Registering for: Policing the Crypto Verse: Intro to Web3 Investigative Techniques NEW COURSE


This 40-hour (5 FULL Days) course is designed to provide law enforcement personnel with a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Starting with a historical overview of cryptocurrencies, it delves into cryptocurrency investigations and the Web3 ecosystem i.e., the CryptoVerse. It examines smart contracts, including ERC 20, 721 (NFT), 1155, 4337 and 6551 standards, security libraries, vulnerabilities, and the basics of languages such as Solidity, Rust. The course underscores the security concerns of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), wallet structures, and mnemonic seeds. It also provides a detailed approach to transaction analysis and advanced cryptocurrency investigation techniques, with a focus on the legal implications and global regulations of cryptocurrency use. Beyond theoretical learning, the course offers practical tools, resources, and lab exercises based on real-world case studies. Although titled, “Introduction”, this course is advanced and requires a basic understanding of UTXO blockchain models and tracing. This course is key to successfully investigating the ever-evolving field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Instructor Martin Balcazar

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